Our Story

We both have had the opportunity, at different stages of our lives, to be introduced to fitness. We have seen first- hand the life changing effects that exercising and healthy living can have on a person and his/her family. As we began planning PEAK Performance, we looked around at what other parts of the country were doing for fitness. We quickly realized that there were so many exciting and challenging ways to get in shape that had not been available to our area before. We immediately wanted to make these new and innovative ways to live a healthier and fitter life available to our community. We are very fortunate to live in such a wonderful place, and we all deserve to have an amazing health club, like PEAK, to exercise in alongside our family and friends. We are given one house to live in, our body, so we must take good care of it!

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  • Hours of Operation
  • Mon - Thurs 4am to 10pm
  • Friday 4am to 9pm
  • Saturday 7am to 4pm
  • Sunday 11am to 5pm